Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fitbod embodied....

Once again, too long since my last post to even dare call myself a blogger. "Blogging" (let's face it: it's glorified journaling!), seems to come to me at every crossroads I encounter be it emotional, physical or otherwise. Today is no different.
I have had a personal encounter with a friend that has ended poorly and weighs heavily on my mind.
However, more pertinent to today's post is the news that I am embarking on yet another physical journey. As in the past, I will diet and exercise like crazy, but this time I'm playing for big stakes! I am finally pursuing something I've been fantasizing about for nearly 30 years; a bucket-list item, if you will  I've signed up for a fitness competition and tomorrow is D-day!
D+16 weeks till showtime. Lord have mercy on my soul (but mostly my body!).

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