Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy August

It has been hot this summer; 90's-100's for the last several weeks. The dog days of summer are upon us for sure! The time when "seas boil, wine turns sour, dogs grow mad and all creatures become languid" I have been especially enamored with the heat this year, more so than in years past. I want to be basking in it like a cold-blooded reptile! It pleases me and brings a smile to my face as I linger and languish in the sultry feeling while a heated breeze washes over me like a soft blanket. 
Miles starts high school next week and so here I am, facing the inevitable end of summer. I get a sense of urgency while trying to slow it all down and attempt to defy time, resenting it and being ever so reluctant to prepare for fall; cramming in swim days, outdoor activities, BBQ's, and drive-in movies in hopes that I am left with no regrets of time wasted. 
Fall has always been my favorite season but only after I have relinquished my hold on summer. Fall means a harvest, a turning of all things green to gold, amber, burnt umber and brick red. It also means my birthday is looming......sigh........which usually  means a re-evaluation of goals and a reflection upon things accomplished. I don't want to do this but I know myself well enough to know that I will anyway. is only yet Aug 18th. The temperature will rise to 94 degrees today. Need I say more?

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